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The Boys are Back in Town June 9, 2010

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I went to the Boston concert last night June 8th and it was absolutely the loudest crowd by ear and from the boys, Brian gave a little speech saying it was the rowdiest crowd so far on the east coast leg. Back a few hours, I left my house at about 2:00pm and got there just a little after 3 to check in for sound check at 3:30pm.

Once we were let in and Justin was assigning VIP passes I got to talk to him when I was getting mine, then we stood outside and I noticed Robyn from the Fanclub! So we talked for a bit while listening to Mindless Behavior do their sound check and they kept repeating their talking so they don’t just not sing but don’t even talk into their mics! We were finally in our seats around probably 5 for sound check and I was put right in front of Brian! They all came out but Nick didn’t yet so were we waiting and they were saying into the mics “paging nick carter”  then he finally came out rocking a green jacket for the Celtics and a Boston hat. They sang Shape of My Heart, Shattered & I Still. I wanted “Siberia” but “I Still” is one of my favorites ever so I was not disappointed! The DJ thought they meant “Straight Through My Heart” so you all of a sudden started hearing the opening to that so the boys were like dude no wrong song! lol Brian changed his words to the mix up of songs. AJ was saying he was freezing and truthfully it was! The venue was right next to the ocean so it was chilly, I was shivering in my seat. The questions, when they were introducing Justin they had the most hilarious song playing for him! they had “Pretty Fly For A White Guy” most of the boys were singing into the mic’s “uh huh uh huh” or “Give it to me baby”. They started with Brian, his question was why they don’t do “Dancing With The Stars” and he said he was offered twice before a few years ago and how he thought it would be cool if the whole group went on and faced like N sync and stuff lmao but he said he hasn’t cause ….he doesn’t like to dance. He likes choreographed dances with other people near him. Nick’s question I can’t remember! Howie got asked about a Christmas album and said they’ve loved to do one but they like taking their time on albums so it wouldn’t come out near Christmas or something so someone screamed “Christmas in July” and the boys laughed at that and thought it was awesome! Before AJ’s question Brian spoke into the mic and said “when is your solo album coming out in America”…..and once the girl asked the question, it was actually on his album. So Brian got a HUGE kick out of that and how he guessed right. After that i had to leave since I only did Bronze but it was so so fun! I took some pictures and recorded some snippets even though my sound quality absolutely is horrendous. I think I saw Q & Josh too walking around too. Ooh! there was another part where since it was an outdoor venue that birds were flying around and Brian noticed them so he started to “Chirp” into the mic!

Once I was let out I met up with my mom again and she told me she got to see Howie! He was out near the buses waving and taking pictures while playing with James and Leigh was there also, I was so jealous of her cause she was seeing this when I was standing waiting to get into SC! By then we went and got some food since it was like 6:00, once we were done we walked back to the venue and she was showing me the lobster place/area she saw Howie and so we decided to stay there and still had a bit of time till we could take our seats for the concert. Since there were girls there we talked and hung out with them, I look straight ahead and what do I see?! Brian’s tour bus! He came out of his bus and waved at us a few times while he held the puppy. Baylee & Leighanne were there also, she came a bit closer since she was walking the puppy but still wasn’t close enough to talk to us. I was getting extremely cold so we then decided to go and take our seats since we could then and they were great seats! dead center in the middle! I thought since it was Row Q it would be a bit far but it didn’t look far at all!

Mindless Behavior went on at about 7:45pm and they aren’t my type of music but they weren’t as bad as Girlicious. Their dancing was not bad at all, but they obviously weren’t hiding that they were lip syncing. They were done by like 8:00pm. Getting close to show time the lights crew decided to tease us and play with the lights so we all screamed but nothing happened! lol The Boys then made their way onto the stage at around 8:30pm, but before they did we seen a little blond cutie of the name of Baylee introduce them! Which he was sporting a Celtics jersey, guessing his daddy’s. The opening was amazing!! The dancers I didn’t think were a problem at all. I actually hardly noticed them, but they definitely made the show more better when I did see them. There was so many guys there in the audience! You could definitely tell some wanted to be there when others not so much. lol Nick shocked me in “This Is Us” cause as we heard he was sick and his voice was really deep but he was killing his notes on that song! Brian was all over the place so I was trying to get pictures of him I got some good ones but that boy does not stay still for a second! I loved the little short movies they did, Brian’s was hands down the best and funniest one! One of my favorite songs was “Larger Than Life”! that performance was incredible! I recorded some of that and also some of “All Of Your Life” – that song was so cute! I was looking forward to that song since it’s my favorite on the record. Since they had a concert the same night as the Celtics vs Lakers finals Brian said he thanked us for missing the game and coming to see them and that he has a TV on his tour bus with the game on and will tell us the score. Lots of Celtics love from the boys that night, half way through the show they mentioned the game again and Nick i believe started a chant “Beat LA, Beat LA” that got the crowd going. Once the encore was here and them getting ready to sing “Straight Through My Heart” Nick & Brian came out sporting their Celtics jersey’s. They bowed & blew kisses to us when the show was done, also each boy named a dancer. Then the credits of the spoofs from their video making and they were so funny! The show was the best one I’ve seen, the dancing, singing, outfits, stage….all so so great. The only word that could explain this concert was AMAZING. The boys still got it!

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