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A World at Play with BSB June 16, 2010

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Another week, another concert! Sadly as of now, this was my last concert of the tour so no more BSB….

I went to the Connecticut, Mohegan Sun concert last night June 15th and it was so good, if not better then Boston!! I had the closest seats i’ve ever had, row 7! I was so excited to be so close to the stage. Before the concert we arrived in time to go to the Wylee party that was scheduled! I had already pre-ordered some stuff so I bought that and hung out in the room till it ended, Leighanne is such a sweetheart! I was kinda taken off step when I heard Brian’s voice in the room and when I looked straight into the room, there he was! Baylee was in the bathroom playing with a little girl I think. Before going to the cash register at the end of the room my mom spotted Brian holding a Celtics shirt on his shoulder and her being a Boston sports team fanatic she motioned towards it and Brian was all “this is not for sale” and I’m like she LOVES the Celtics, he was guarding that thing with his life. lol Leighanne then called me over (when I first entered the room I spotted her , had a quick convo then told her my name and she was all “Oh Erika!!” LOL so she recognized me!) so I squeezed through Brian and the girls and then got to meet Madison (Leighanne & Brian’s niece) so it was funny to finally meet the face of the person I’ve been talking to for the past couple of weeks about my order. The catolog Leighanne talked about on twitter is so great! I got a free one since I bought the amount of how much you needed to spend to get one. It was really cool talking to her, Brian was kinda bubbled next to the TV with a bunch of people so I couldn’t really get close to him so I talked to Madison & Leighanne the most then sneaked my way near Brian to at least listen to him talk.  I remember him talking about not liking “Masquerade” and I *think* liking the song “All In My Head”  plus not being able to live without his Blackberry. Brian came over to put a Celtics ball in his backpack and so Baylee came running over to talk to him and my mom noticed his hat was a Yankees hat, so she asked me why was he wearing that but likes Celtics and how he was just like our cousin. (again she’s a Boston sports fanatic) I’m like he’s 7! He looked cute in his hat! he was rocking this vest thing too, he’s got style sometimes. lol It was getting close to the party ending so Brian was saying they were going to kick us out soon. That was the time where everyone was getting pictures with Leighanne and stuff so I wanted one so once she got to like that part of the room I made my move and thank you to the guy again that took my picture! I remembered I had a CD booklet in my bag and noticed Brian was signing things (he said he doesn’t do pictures at the parties & I respected that) so I wasn’t going to really ask him for anything but since I seen him signing a few things, I thought it couldn’t hurt to ask him. So I got his picture page in the “This Is Us” Cd booklet signed! I said thank you. 🙂 I should have asked for a hug to but for some reason I didn’t want one at the time? I don’t know what was wrong with me I blame it on the lack of food. lol I also forgot to wish him a Happy early Father’s Day. So we were heading out so I said bye to Madison and spotted Leighanne more towards the door so we talked to her a little bit and I got a hug from her and told her it was really nice seeing her! She is seriously a doll! During that we saw Brian’s bodyguard Drew walk in and Brian was all joking it’s kick out time or something. hah We then left the party, it was really fun! In the elevator my mom was all “he is smaller in person than he is on stage, he’s really a good looking guy too.” LOL I really think she is slowly becoming a Brian fan.

I was STARVING by then so we got some food, heard “Larger Than Life” in the food court! Then went to go pick up my Will Call tickets, (clearly, I had a problem with my tickets but then they found them. my life is never easy lol) We then went to the casino cause it wasn’t late enough for the doors to be open so we did that for a while then went back to be let in. Stood in line for the merchandise and I got the Tour Program, Undone Booty Shorts & a Brian 8×10 poster picture thing. Went inside and sat in our seats, I was so excited, we were so close! Before the show started I was texting with a FC member Dani, that we talked to a bit here & there since we both arrived at the venue so we waved to each other when we finally spotted each other.  I have to say the 2nd time around I’m kinda into Mindless Behavior now? They aren’t bad or I’m clearly losing my mind. Baylee then came out and introduced the boys! They were just like last time, AMAZING! recorded a few videos they will be uploaded soon, also with the pictures! I took like 2x as more then last concert, I think the concert withdrawal was heading it’s way early so I took advantage of it and got all I can get! I think I may have been a little Brian happy cause my mom is like “Are you going to take any of the other guys?” LOL They kept coming out blurrish so obviously I had to take more of him cause of that. I swear Mohegan Sun hates me cause he was blurry last tour too when I was there.  Nick fans were SOOOO in the house, oh my lord when he sang or did something the crowd went crazy! I think I sat next to another FC member but I wasn’t sure and didn’t ask her face just looked familiar. When they were handing out the roses, Brian mysteriously disappeared off the stage so took pics of the other 3 till he came back from wherever he was! I then found out he went off to give his rose to a girl that was in a wheelchair. I saw her after the concert, I thought that was really sweet of him. They were hyper or something at this concert cause Nick & Brian both sat and sang on the floor at times then Brian & AJ came out skipping like leprechauns near the end and Nick & AJ were switching mics by tossing them to each other. Least they didn’t drop them! Really nice to see them all having a great time! Once the concert ended me & Dani got to meet up again so we talked and stood in the concert seats for as long as we could till the security dudes kicked us out. I then went back to the casino to play a few till the garage cleared out of people but I didn’t win anything so I thought it was boring. We then left, I was sooo sad. I want to go to another show! I don’t know when the next time I’ll see them, it sucks! the show was fantastic. Love Love Love xxoo

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