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In A World Like This December 28, 2013

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August 12, 2013

Concert day! It’s been a little over 2 years since I last saw Backstreet Boys in concert but this year was a special one. I have never seen Kevin live with the other boys so I was beyond thrilled to finally see him & him be part of the show like old times. It was also noteworthy because of it being almost the exact date of the 5th anniversary of my first time seeing them live, which was August 14th 2008. I purchased a VIP a couple months ago as it’s become a “tour tradition” every time I see them, I couldn’t meet them as I just got a Bronze VIP but I’ve had Bronze a couple of times and I love it that I can just breathe easy without the anxiety of leading up to meet them. Although I do hope to meet them in the future again.

So I took the train in to Boston around 2pm with my mom who was accompanying me till my concert buddy got off of work at 5pm. We got to the venue around 3pm. I then got in line & waited till Justin came out to give us our VIP passes, we saw the Wylee Trailer parked right in front of the venue too. I don’t remember when time Justin came out but it was a little after 4pm, once I got my VIP pass we waited a little bit more in the venue till we were lead to our seats. Some of the boys were already on the stage when we were walking in & I don’t know how these boys do it but they put the biggest smile on my face when I see them. I saw Kevin on his piano first so obviously you can imagine the excitement there. A scream went through my mind like the mother in Home Alone. I then saw Brian sitting on a stool playing with his guitar & everyone who knows me knows he means the world to me. The rest of the boys then came on stage and welcome us to the Soundcheck Party.



They sang Quit Playing Games, Safest Place To Hide, 10,000 Promises & Madeleine(off the new album) in an acoustic setting. A happy fact with that is Brian was sitting right in front of me (: It’s been since the Unbreakable tour last time Brian got to use his guitar so I liked this new addition they added to the tour. They asked if we had any song requests for them to sing that weren’t in the show a few were shouted out, Nick suggested Make Believe which I would have LOVED to hear but they ended up singing “Trust Me” off the new album. Brian’s impressions he was doing with all the lyrics in the song cracked me up. As it being a popular soundcheck song in the past, I missed hearing Siberia. We got to the Q&A and some questions asked were like what their craziest things a fan has ever done in the 20 years. AJ joked about how a lot of stuffed has happened. Kevin mentioned how a girl showed up at one of the after parties in a wedding dress. Someone asked Kevin how it felt to be back, another question was from a girl who came all the way from São Paulo, Brazil to see them & wanted to know when they were touring Brazil. Brian joked “tomorrow” haha There were fans who came from Argentina as well, that I actually talked to for a bit while waiting in the line before soundcheck. They then headed off the stage to take pictures with the VIP’s with meet & greets but before that Brian took out his phone and took a picture of us and posted it on his instagram! He’s done these “soundcheck photos” in the past and I always thought it would be cool to be in one. So I got to be part of one now!

Brian’s Instagram Soundcheck photo


It was after 5pm now so I had to meet up with my concert buddy but before that my mom & I visited the Wylee Trailer where I picked up my pre-order. I love seeing Leighanne, she’s simple just awesome & so friendly just like her husband (Brian). My mom complimented her how I’m always buying from the Wylee line and she was so appreciative and thanking me. She liked my shirt I had on, which was a Vintage B T-shirt from Wylee 🙂 I didn’t know who Scott was but I did know he was helping with the traveling of the Wylee trailer  to the concert cities & pre-orders with the Wylee crew. He was a a funny guy to talked to. Jodi (Leighanne’s friend) was also fun to talk to, she helped me with picking stuff out & showing me items. This was the 2nd tour I got to shop in the Wylee trailer & I just want it as my closet because it’s the cutest looking shop inside & just so perfect. Before I left I got a hug & picture with Leighanne. When we were taking it we fixed our hair at the same time and she commented on it. haha I thanked her then asked her what time Baylee was going on because I didn’t want to miss him. She told me 7pm and how she had to start getting ready to go inside too. I left to go get a quick dinner then we went inside to sit for the show to start. It was slowly getting really muggy out. Ugh, outside venues! 


They had this incredible LED stage that was really an extraordinary setup. Baylee (Brian’s son) was the first opening act and Brian walked out with him to introduce him. That boy definitely inherited his father’s vocal talents & his parents smiles couldn’t have been any bigger than they were watching him sing. He was  awesome! He sang 2 songs -Michael Jackson’s “I Want You Back” & Mariah Carey’s “Fantasy”. DJ Pauly D was up after and I already saw him when I saw Britney Spears Femme Fatale Tour as he was the opening at there so I……sat down. Which was a pretty good choice with all the fist pumping he made everyone do, I really didn’t want to get knocked in the face with someone’s elbow. Jesse McCarthy was the next & last act up and I was really looking forward to him. He sang some of his old hits & some new songs from his upcoming EP that is being released in a couple months.




Backstreet Boys hit the stage then and opened the show with “The Call” They still got the moves! Especially with the next song they danced/sang to being “Don’t Want You Back”. (Which oh my gosh that song is amazing live) You can just tell by their stage presence they are just THERE. The notes, choreography, etc, It’s just all there and it’s perfect. They really are the best of the best. They all each gave a speech before a song throughout the concert with jokes but also they thanked us for giving them 20 years of doing what they love and you could tell they were truly grateful at what they’ve been able to do & continue to do their passion. “As Long As You Love Me” is one of my favorite songs that I absolutely love. They danced the original choreography for it too! As this being their 20th Anniversary Tour they brought out a lot of their old songs choreography they haven’t done in years, some being over 10 years since they did them. So this show really was a trip down memory lane. They sang of course songs from their new album as well. “Breathe” being my favorite on the album I was really excited to see that live. They had 2 intermissions during the concert, one being a funny skit where they were each asked questions on who the silly one in the group, the sexiest one, the serious one & the high maintenance diva, all while they changed in the 2 minutes. The other was a preview to their documentary that will be coming out next year in 2014. Just like soundcheck, they had an acoustic setting part of the show. Only this time, they had fans onstage with them while they sang the songs. Before they started, they talked about how this was how they got their record deal. Singing acoustically. They ended the show with “Larger than Life” & an encore of “Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)”. I really enjoyed this concert, each tour I see, I like it better than the last one. Happy 20th Anniversary, boys! To many more. ♥


A World at Play with BSB June 16, 2010

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Another week, another concert! Sadly as of now, this was my last concert of the tour so no more BSB….

I went to the Connecticut, Mohegan Sun concert last night June 15th and it was so good, if not better then Boston!! I had the closest seats i’ve ever had, row 7! I was so excited to be so close to the stage. Before the concert we arrived in time to go to the Wylee party that was scheduled! I had already pre-ordered some stuff so I bought that and hung out in the room till it ended, Leighanne is such a sweetheart! I was kinda taken off step when I heard Brian’s voice in the room and when I looked straight into the room, there he was! Baylee was in the bathroom playing with a little girl I think. Before going to the cash register at the end of the room my mom spotted Brian holding a Celtics shirt on his shoulder and her being a Boston sports team fanatic she motioned towards it and Brian was all “this is not for sale” and I’m like she LOVES the Celtics, he was guarding that thing with his life. lol Leighanne then called me over (when I first entered the room I spotted her , had a quick convo then told her my name and she was all “Oh Erika!!” LOL so she recognized me!) so I squeezed through Brian and the girls and then got to meet Madison (Leighanne & Brian’s niece) so it was funny to finally meet the face of the person I’ve been talking to for the past couple of weeks about my order. The catolog Leighanne talked about on twitter is so great! I got a free one since I bought the amount of how much you needed to spend to get one. It was really cool talking to her, Brian was kinda bubbled next to the TV with a bunch of people so I couldn’t really get close to him so I talked to Madison & Leighanne the most then sneaked my way near Brian to at least listen to him talk.  I remember him talking about not liking “Masquerade” and I *think* liking the song “All In My Head”  plus not being able to live without his Blackberry. Brian came over to put a Celtics ball in his backpack and so Baylee came running over to talk to him and my mom noticed his hat was a Yankees hat, so she asked me why was he wearing that but likes Celtics and how he was just like our cousin. (again she’s a Boston sports fanatic) I’m like he’s 7! He looked cute in his hat! he was rocking this vest thing too, he’s got style sometimes. lol It was getting close to the party ending so Brian was saying they were going to kick us out soon. That was the time where everyone was getting pictures with Leighanne and stuff so I wanted one so once she got to like that part of the room I made my move and thank you to the guy again that took my picture! I remembered I had a CD booklet in my bag and noticed Brian was signing things (he said he doesn’t do pictures at the parties & I respected that) so I wasn’t going to really ask him for anything but since I seen him signing a few things, I thought it couldn’t hurt to ask him. So I got his picture page in the “This Is Us” Cd booklet signed! I said thank you. 🙂 I should have asked for a hug to but for some reason I didn’t want one at the time? I don’t know what was wrong with me I blame it on the lack of food. lol I also forgot to wish him a Happy early Father’s Day. So we were heading out so I said bye to Madison and spotted Leighanne more towards the door so we talked to her a little bit and I got a hug from her and told her it was really nice seeing her! She is seriously a doll! During that we saw Brian’s bodyguard Drew walk in and Brian was all joking it’s kick out time or something. hah We then left the party, it was really fun! In the elevator my mom was all “he is smaller in person than he is on stage, he’s really a good looking guy too.” LOL I really think she is slowly becoming a Brian fan.

I was STARVING by then so we got some food, heard “Larger Than Life” in the food court! Then went to go pick up my Will Call tickets, (clearly, I had a problem with my tickets but then they found them. my life is never easy lol) We then went to the casino cause it wasn’t late enough for the doors to be open so we did that for a while then went back to be let in. Stood in line for the merchandise and I got the Tour Program, Undone Booty Shorts & a Brian 8×10 poster picture thing. Went inside and sat in our seats, I was so excited, we were so close! Before the show started I was texting with a FC member Dani, that we talked to a bit here & there since we both arrived at the venue so we waved to each other when we finally spotted each other.  I have to say the 2nd time around I’m kinda into Mindless Behavior now? They aren’t bad or I’m clearly losing my mind. Baylee then came out and introduced the boys! They were just like last time, AMAZING! recorded a few videos they will be uploaded soon, also with the pictures! I took like 2x as more then last concert, I think the concert withdrawal was heading it’s way early so I took advantage of it and got all I can get! I think I may have been a little Brian happy cause my mom is like “Are you going to take any of the other guys?” LOL They kept coming out blurrish so obviously I had to take more of him cause of that. I swear Mohegan Sun hates me cause he was blurry last tour too when I was there.  Nick fans were SOOOO in the house, oh my lord when he sang or did something the crowd went crazy! I think I sat next to another FC member but I wasn’t sure and didn’t ask her face just looked familiar. When they were handing out the roses, Brian mysteriously disappeared off the stage so took pics of the other 3 till he came back from wherever he was! I then found out he went off to give his rose to a girl that was in a wheelchair. I saw her after the concert, I thought that was really sweet of him. They were hyper or something at this concert cause Nick & Brian both sat and sang on the floor at times then Brian & AJ came out skipping like leprechauns near the end and Nick & AJ were switching mics by tossing them to each other. Least they didn’t drop them! Really nice to see them all having a great time! Once the concert ended me & Dani got to meet up again so we talked and stood in the concert seats for as long as we could till the security dudes kicked us out. I then went back to the casino to play a few till the garage cleared out of people but I didn’t win anything so I thought it was boring. We then left, I was sooo sad. I want to go to another show! I don’t know when the next time I’ll see them, it sucks! the show was fantastic. Love Love Love xxoo

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The Boys are Back in Town June 9, 2010

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I went to the Boston concert last night June 8th and it was absolutely the loudest crowd by ear and from the boys, Brian gave a little speech saying it was the rowdiest crowd so far on the east coast leg. Back a few hours, I left my house at about 2:00pm and got there just a little after 3 to check in for sound check at 3:30pm.

Once we were let in and Justin was assigning VIP passes I got to talk to him when I was getting mine, then we stood outside and I noticed Robyn from the Fanclub! So we talked for a bit while listening to Mindless Behavior do their sound check and they kept repeating their talking so they don’t just not sing but don’t even talk into their mics! We were finally in our seats around probably 5 for sound check and I was put right in front of Brian! They all came out but Nick didn’t yet so were we waiting and they were saying into the mics “paging nick carter”  then he finally came out rocking a green jacket for the Celtics and a Boston hat. They sang Shape of My Heart, Shattered & I Still. I wanted “Siberia” but “I Still” is one of my favorites ever so I was not disappointed! The DJ thought they meant “Straight Through My Heart” so you all of a sudden started hearing the opening to that so the boys were like dude no wrong song! lol Brian changed his words to the mix up of songs. AJ was saying he was freezing and truthfully it was! The venue was right next to the ocean so it was chilly, I was shivering in my seat. The questions, when they were introducing Justin they had the most hilarious song playing for him! they had “Pretty Fly For A White Guy” most of the boys were singing into the mic’s “uh huh uh huh” or “Give it to me baby”. They started with Brian, his question was why they don’t do “Dancing With The Stars” and he said he was offered twice before a few years ago and how he thought it would be cool if the whole group went on and faced like N sync and stuff lmao but he said he hasn’t cause ….he doesn’t like to dance. He likes choreographed dances with other people near him. Nick’s question I can’t remember! Howie got asked about a Christmas album and said they’ve loved to do one but they like taking their time on albums so it wouldn’t come out near Christmas or something so someone screamed “Christmas in July” and the boys laughed at that and thought it was awesome! Before AJ’s question Brian spoke into the mic and said “when is your solo album coming out in America”…..and once the girl asked the question, it was actually on his album. So Brian got a HUGE kick out of that and how he guessed right. After that i had to leave since I only did Bronze but it was so so fun! I took some pictures and recorded some snippets even though my sound quality absolutely is horrendous. I think I saw Q & Josh too walking around too. Ooh! there was another part where since it was an outdoor venue that birds were flying around and Brian noticed them so he started to “Chirp” into the mic!

Once I was let out I met up with my mom again and she told me she got to see Howie! He was out near the buses waving and taking pictures while playing with James and Leigh was there also, I was so jealous of her cause she was seeing this when I was standing waiting to get into SC! By then we went and got some food since it was like 6:00, once we were done we walked back to the venue and she was showing me the lobster place/area she saw Howie and so we decided to stay there and still had a bit of time till we could take our seats for the concert. Since there were girls there we talked and hung out with them, I look straight ahead and what do I see?! Brian’s tour bus! He came out of his bus and waved at us a few times while he held the puppy. Baylee & Leighanne were there also, she came a bit closer since she was walking the puppy but still wasn’t close enough to talk to us. I was getting extremely cold so we then decided to go and take our seats since we could then and they were great seats! dead center in the middle! I thought since it was Row Q it would be a bit far but it didn’t look far at all!

Mindless Behavior went on at about 7:45pm and they aren’t my type of music but they weren’t as bad as Girlicious. Their dancing was not bad at all, but they obviously weren’t hiding that they were lip syncing. They were done by like 8:00pm. Getting close to show time the lights crew decided to tease us and play with the lights so we all screamed but nothing happened! lol The Boys then made their way onto the stage at around 8:30pm, but before they did we seen a little blond cutie of the name of Baylee introduce them! Which he was sporting a Celtics jersey, guessing his daddy’s. The opening was amazing!! The dancers I didn’t think were a problem at all. I actually hardly noticed them, but they definitely made the show more better when I did see them. There was so many guys there in the audience! You could definitely tell some wanted to be there when others not so much. lol Nick shocked me in “This Is Us” cause as we heard he was sick and his voice was really deep but he was killing his notes on that song! Brian was all over the place so I was trying to get pictures of him I got some good ones but that boy does not stay still for a second! I loved the little short movies they did, Brian’s was hands down the best and funniest one! One of my favorite songs was “Larger Than Life”! that performance was incredible! I recorded some of that and also some of “All Of Your Life” – that song was so cute! I was looking forward to that song since it’s my favorite on the record. Since they had a concert the same night as the Celtics vs Lakers finals Brian said he thanked us for missing the game and coming to see them and that he has a TV on his tour bus with the game on and will tell us the score. Lots of Celtics love from the boys that night, half way through the show they mentioned the game again and Nick i believe started a chant “Beat LA, Beat LA” that got the crowd going. Once the encore was here and them getting ready to sing “Straight Through My Heart” Nick & Brian came out sporting their Celtics jersey’s. They bowed & blew kisses to us when the show was done, also each boy named a dancer. Then the credits of the spoofs from their video making and they were so funny! The show was the best one I’ve seen, the dancing, singing, outfits, stage….all so so great. The only word that could explain this concert was AMAZING. The boys still got it!

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